Monday, June 10, 2013

Broken Sprocket - bad welds, repaired

A few weeks ago as my son was riding the go-kart, it broke. As he was speeding over a bump the sprocket came apart. I thought that it wasn't welded sufficiently when I picked it up from Pat at the time. Here is a picture of the broken sprocket. The outer sprocket came with the go-kart and originally attached to the gasoline engine. The inner piece mates to the electric motor.

We had a different welder fix the problem. It took a few weeks but this time I don't think it is breakable. It seems a bit overdone.

The welder put so much metal in the weld that I couldn't seat the nut and washer properly! I used a dremel to clear out the inside area and we are back in business:

That weld is never coming undone.