Thursday, March 31, 2016

Netgain ImPulse 9 Motor Arrives

71 VW Karmann Ghia EV Conversion
I bought the motor from
WarP 9 EV Motor Electric Car Motor 72V DC Motor Netgain Motor New ECPC USA Stock from eBay
NetGain ImPulse 9 Motors ImPulse 9 EV DC Motor 
72-156V, 400A 
Double ended shaft - advanced timing, 1.125" DE Shaft, .875" CE Shaft

This is a nice hefty motor. The lugs are 1/2" and the shafts are over 1" diameter. I was thinking of the Warp 9 but the Impulse will probably be easier to fit.
It is too heavy to lift manually. I was able to test it with a 12 volt jumper battery. I couldn't figure which was the front shaft and the tail shaft at first, it turns out the tail shaft is longer than the main shaft. The manufacturor's website has all the diagrams and details that are necessary. Here is the motor with the shaft coupler unit attached to the tail shaft.

Once I spun it up I noticed a significant wobble. This was really disappointing! Here is a video. The problem is that the coupler was welded to the disk with a slight angle, not true 90 degrees. Too much error in the alignment will result in premature motor bearing failure and damage to the transaxle as well.
I called Wilderness EV and sent them the video. At first they said that the wobble was within acceptable specifications. I showed it to a few of my friends and those in the know and they agreed with me that it was defective and needed to be returned. Wilderness then agreed to take it back. I also decided to send back the motor for a Warp 9. Netgain was really good about the return as were the folks at

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