Friday, May 6, 2016

EV Conversion: More Problems with Shaft Coupler

71 VW Karmann Ghia EV Conversion
Netgain sent me the Warp 9 Motor to replace the Impluse 9. The Warp 9 is a beauty.

I am really unhappy with the progress on the shaft coupler. Brian Wilderness EV agreed to take back the original coupler due to the alignment problem which caused wobbling. See my last post for details.
Instead of sending me back a new one, he turned (resurfaced) the transmission side of the disk. This helped align the adapter, however, by preferentially removing material from one side and not the other, the disk is badly out of balance and vibrates when rotated, especially at high speed. So instead of a wobble, I now have a vibrating shaft coupler. To add insult, I had to pay return shipping on the defective part.
Here is the shaft coupler after it was turned by Wilderness EV.

This video shows the degree of vibration caused by the out of balance shaft coupler.

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