Friday, May 6, 2016

Warp 9 Motor - checking of advanced timing

71 VW Karmann Ghia EV Conversion
I wanted to make sure the motor timing was properly advanced for the CCWDE use.
The Netgain manual explains how to wire for CCWDE and CWDE. Mine is wired for CCWDE which is the most common rotation. As per the wiring instructions, A1 is connected to S1 and A2 and S2 are connected to power. I use a 12 volt auto battery for bench testing. See: bench test procedure for reference.

WarP 9 EV Motor Electric Car Motor 72V DC Motor Netgain Motor New ECPC USA Stock from eBay

Bolts on the back of the motor

This shows proper alignment. I unscrewewd the bolts on the back of the motor, lifted the cover and made sure it was oriented in the CCW most position. The timing positions rotate the brushes on the commutator. If the timing is advanced it should not be run in reverse.

The markings for the timing are hard to read, they show N for Neutral, CCW, and CW. Advanced timing is used for higher voltages (96Volts or more as per Netgain) in these electric motors.

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